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FlipGive is a network that connects shoppers to brands via the $20 Billion sports fundraising market.

How it works

How it works

Instead of discounting, FlipGive uses shared values (a local fundraiser) to drive shopping activity. We like to call this "give" commerce.

Get good customers

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Good Customers

Give commerce brings engaged customers who take action immediately to help, are not price sensitive, and are repeat buyers in support of their cause.

Advertise on FlipGive

Advertise with FlipGive Win Hearts and Wallets

An exclusive opportunity for best-in-class brands. Drive higher order value, new customers and more sales. One FlipGive fundraiser drives over 3,000 new interactions.

Sell more

Sell More

Each year, fundraisers generate over $20 Billion selling chocolate bars, calendars and cookie dough. Get access to dollars and a market of highly motivated buyers shopping with you instead of the competition.

Learn more Case Study: Under Armour

Under Armour Helping Young Athletes

“Give back. It’s a rally cry – a commitment to doing good. We proudly give back to those who inspire us with their strength and humble us with their will.”

Under Armour, Corporate Giving

Other brands selling on FlipGive

Brands Selling With FlipGive

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Getflip buffaloww 7777f9909dc3b006142153c9a6321cad30340f15c5160bde603fe60740402ac9 Buffalo Wild Wings
Getflip aldo 3c807b9ff204e2489dcd8dca9e0091503d20e1bbd140e40da1db9f9cfb3e8258 ALDO
Getflip ua fb95b7018ac3cd355425101fa987cd438066880434f173cac69115c8823b8b9d Under Armour
Getflip starbucks c213567fca92a6639922b24bc3928aa1558a07f0918e5a811b636656f961896b Starbucks
Getflip nike 32b50f249bc150ef9655d23a4c1ef9be563284f23a03302df69a37d852aa5f2b Nike
Getflip fanatics 0a1a76f05e24e8cb594e6746dcb481aa399254b13cb655ca0bfc4288c014fb69 Fanatics

FlipGive Solutions Power your business with fundraising

Looking for an easy way to introduce fundraising or scale up an existing fundraising program? Our turnkey solution gets you up and running in minutes and saves you time managing everything online.

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Turnkey Fundraising

Get up and running quickly with our fundraising platform which saves you time and money by managing everything online. We make it easy for sports organizations to provide a value-add fundraising tool to increase participation and offset the rising costs of youth sports.

Learn more Case Study: Schwan’s Cares

Schwan's Cares Delivering Good to America

“Pound for pound, this is one of the best marketing programs in our acquisition portfolio. Our COA is 1/4 that of our next marketing program.”

John DeVos, VP Market Planning at Schwans

$4M raised 12K campaigns

70K fundraisers 700K customers

Other programs powered by FlipGive

Programs Powered by FlipGive

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