Win hearts and wallets

Elevate your brand and inspire loyalty by giving back.

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Connect with your best customers

FlipGive is a digital marketing platform that uses the power of team funding to help brands win new customers and maximize lifetime value.

Increase sales

We've driven over $200 million in sales for over 700 brands.

High conversion
Give people a clear motive to shop with you over the competition.
High AOV
FlipGive members spend more for a good cause.
High frequency
Find loyal customers willing to shop with you over and over again.
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Win new customers

Acquire high-value groups of loyal customers motivated to spend more with your brand.

Group shopping
On average, one FlipGive member brings in ten others to join their team.
Coveted customer
FlipGive members are parents with high household incomes willing to pay full price.
Targeted audiences
Get your brand in front of people most likely to buy from you, when and where it is relevant to them.
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Generate goodwill

Win sales by giving back to your customers and what matters most to them.

Give back
Our partners have given back $25MM and counting to kids sports and activities.
Brand elevation
Elevate your brand by giving back to shoppers, rather than eroding it with steeper discounts.
Lifetime loyalty
Build an emotional connection between your brand and shoppers, winning customers for life.
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Our technology partners

We make it easy to integrate with FlipGive. Add your gift card, affiliate offer, or connect directly to your eComm platform.

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Adelaide Neto
Indigo - Performance & Partnership Marketing Manager
"FlipGive is one of our Top 10 publishers and Top 3 for YoY sales growth. I love that Indigo is driving sales by giving back to local communities and families."
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