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FlipGive offers flexible placements in integrated marketing campaigns to mass and targeted audiences across all channels.



Sponsor and feature placements on team homepage - the most high traffic page on web and mobile storefront.


Drive engagement with all shoppers via dedicated landing pages during Seasonal Events and Flagship Promotions.


Sponsor and feature placements to boost visibility with in-category shoppers.

Team Stores

Target specific sports audiences and spending occasions. Tailor separate offers for individual shopping and/or bulk team shopping.



Sponsor or feature placements in weekly emails to FlipGive mass audience.


Generate interest with a targeted audience based on user location, behaviour, or sport.


Get exclusivity in a FlipGive mass audience newsletter. Available to premium sponsors only.

Mobile Broadcast

All Users

Inclusion in weekly broadcasts to all users aligned with seasonal retail events or feature promotions.


Reach a targeted audience of users with custom messaging based on location, behaviour, or sport.



Sponsor or feature placements in curated blog stories, celebrating FlipGive members and brands along with trusted advice and expert recommendations.


Boost brand awareness with inclusion in FlipGive's highly curated social feed. Strike just the right mix of merchandising, inspiration, education and brand promotion.

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If you're a club, league or association looking for fundraising or banking apps for your teams, check out FlipGive's clubs & leagues solution.

Derek Greenberg
Recipe Unlimited Corporation - VP Business Development and Guest Experience
"FlipGive is trending to be our largest B2B customer and we feel is the right company and cause to partner with. Their team takes a strong leadership role to grow our business and their product requires no work on our end."
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