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Maximize ROI by giving back to your most valuable customers.

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Marketing Packages

We offer flexible marketing plans to get your brand in front of the right audience when and where it matters most.

Seasonal Events

Mass seasonal marketing campaigns aligned with key retail occasions. Sponsor and feature opportunities across a full funnel of inventory including storefront, email, mobile and content.

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Flagship Promotions

Our biggest events of the year celebrating brands giving back. Be the brand hero with event sponsorship or get noticed with feature placements. Inventory includes storefront, email, mobile and content.

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Sports Campaigns

Reach targeted sports audiences by aligning with their season's calendar. Sponsor and feature opportunities targeting athletes, coaches and parents across all major youth sports. Inventory includes team stores, email, mobile and content.

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Targeted Campaigns

Acquire new customers and drive incrementality with FlipGive’s powerful 1:1 targeting capabilities. Create custom audiences based on location or behaviour and push targeted promotions via broadcast, email or storefront.

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Rosy Sharma
Indigo - Manager, Gifting I Strategic Initiatives
"FlipGive has outperformed our expectations, giving us a digital platform to reach new customers and sell eGift cards while giving back to the community. FlipGive has an amazing team that listens and understands our needs."
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