How an electronics brand doubled its share of voice in a fast-growing category

This electronics brand, known for personal computers and printers, needed to get creative in staving off threat from newer players...
Elizabeth Houde
September 2020


This electronics brand, known for personal computers and printers, needed to get creative in staving off threat from newer players that had taken this category by storm in recent years. They set out to find new ways to get in front of their best customers - busy families with growing needs for electronics and accessories.


Not only was FlipGive's audience perfectly aligned to the brand’s target, the brand knew that giving back to these customers would act as a powerful engagement and loyalty driver.

Because every dollar earned on FlipGive helps offset the high cost of kids sports and activities, FlipGive’s busy moms and dads have a strong motive to shop with brands who give back more.

In fact, FlipGive members are 85% more likely to shop with brands who give back to their kids, and 70% likely to spend MORE with those brands.

The brand set an evergreen top commission - the highest in the category - along with an annual flat fee marketing investment, and the FlipGive account team developed a customized multi-channel promotion plan. Onsite, in-app and outbound placements were coupled with seasonal and targeted promotions as a way to drive incremental sales volumes.

To stand out even more, this brand sponsored a Back-to-School Sweepstakes, wherein they awarded $100 to any FlipGive team that spent $100 or more with them during a 10-day period.


With an evergreen higher give back and HERO marketing investment this brand drove enough sales to double their share in a fast-growing category that tripled overall GMV in less than 3 years. These outstanding results, along with the invaluable brand goodwill generated by giving back, makes FlipGive one of this brand’s most valued digital marketing partners.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Giving Back

Altogether, this retailer has given back more than $70,000, helping over 1,700 families fund their kids’ sports and activities.

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About FlipGive

FlipGive is a digital marketing platform that uses the power of team funding to help brands win new customers and maximize lifetime value.Through online and in-store purchases, groups of parents fund their kids sports and activities through everyday shopping. By giving back to your most valuable customers and what matters most to them, FlipGive elevates your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd while driving measurable ROI and brand goodwill.

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