How a home improvement retailer united in-store and digital experiences

By the end of 2019, global eCommerce sales reached $3.5 trillion representing 14% share of overall global retail sales. Online retail has...
Elizabeth Houde
October 2020


By the end of 2019, global eCommerce sales reached $3.5 trillion representing 14% share of overall global retail sales. Online retail has shown no signs of slowing down, forcing brick-and-mortar retailers to play catch up.

For many traditional retailers, replicating the in-store experience in eCommerce channels has proven extremely challenging; from maintaining the same level of customer service to instilling trust with online shoppers. Unlocking what customers need from your brand in order to stay loyal is the crux of the challenge.


This top home improvement retailer, known for its impeccable in-store service and local grassroots community outreach, turned to FlipGive while building out a multi-year strategy to unite in-store and digital experiences.

FlipGive made it easy to build connections with online customers and make an impact in local communities in the same way their stores had done for years. By giving back to online customers helping them to fund their kids sports and activities, this retailer established the same level of customer engagement and loyalty typical only of a high-touch in-store experience.


Not only was FlipGive driving impressive year-over-year growth and high average order value, it was helping this retailer build deep customer loyalty and brand goodwill with eComm shoppers. FlipGive’s digital marketing platform has quickly become a top performing eComm channel for this retailer and a strategic compliment to their overall social responsibility initiatives.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Giving Back

Altogether, this retailer has given back more than $87,000, helping 6,000 groups fund children's participation in sports and other community causes.

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About FlipGive

FlipGive is a digital marketing platform that uses the power of team funding to help brands win new customers and maximize lifetime value.Through online and in-store purchases, groups of parents fund their kids sports and activities through everyday shopping. By giving back to your most valuable customers and what matters most to them, FlipGive elevates your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd while driving measurable ROI and brand goodwill.

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