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Get access to a $20 Billion market of highly motivated fundraisers shopping in support of their local sports team, school, or community.

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  • Reach the best customers - shoppers buy repeatedly and pay full price in support of their cause, so you don't get discount seekers.
  • Sell your way - offers can be electronic gift cards, vouchers or we can direct shoppers to your online store.
  • Focus on your customer - target by category, geography, and season. Easily set purchase limits and rules to fit your needs.
  • Get up and running quickly - we're connected to shopping platforms like Shopify, gift card providers like SVS Givex, and affiliate programs like CJ, Avantlink, and many others.
  • Get credit for doing good - drive sales and get credit for helping local communities; each fundraiser generates over 3,000 positive brand impressions via email, social and online.

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The % cash back to fundraisers. The higher the percentage, the more likely they will be to promote your brand.